Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spritiual Insights!

Spiritual inisghts that I wanted to share with you.

Suicidal Thoughts: Do Not Do It and Here Is Why.

There are times when a person who wants to end their life. It is very important to get help fast because those are serious issues and getting help is good. You are here on earth to find yourself and I understand things are so overwhelming and hard. Do not attempt to hurt or kill yourself because you have spend so many lifetimes to get here at this moment. When you do, it will take you back many lifetimes which is not what you wanted. Get help ASAP and when you overcome your issues and everything will become past tense. We love you so much and we care about you. Seek God within and ask God to help you. Do not talk to the Mind because they play tricks on you. Talk to the heart and that is where God is at. Inside your heart is a HOLY place and you will find GOD. Do not give up and you can win this battle!

You Cannot Serve Two Masters!

You cannot serve two masters. One is the Mind and one is from the Heart Within.

The Mind belongs to the flesh and the Heart within belongs to God within.

Both Masters are powerful one is temporary and one is enternity, which will you choose?