Thursday, September 27, 2007

Suicidal Thoughts: Do Not Do It and Here Is Why.

There are times when a person who wants to end their life. It is very important to get help fast because those are serious issues and getting help is good. You are here on earth to find yourself and I understand things are so overwhelming and hard. Do not attempt to hurt or kill yourself because you have spend so many lifetimes to get here at this moment. When you do, it will take you back many lifetimes which is not what you wanted. Get help ASAP and when you overcome your issues and everything will become past tense. We love you so much and we care about you. Seek God within and ask God to help you. Do not talk to the Mind because they play tricks on you. Talk to the heart and that is where God is at. Inside your heart is a HOLY place and you will find GOD. Do not give up and you can win this battle!


LaRonda said...

Wow! Yes! yes! Wow!

I have so many comments to share:

1) Thank you for this beautiful, tender, and wise post. This month is suicide awareness month and it's so important to share a video clip like this with the deaf community as well as the hearing community. This should have made it to the front page of DeafRead! It is super important!

2) I so much agree with you. Yes, dark nights of the soul are temporary in our lifespan and suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. People fail to see that dark nights of the soul, when the mind controls, can actually be tremendous gifts in retrospect, because they teach us about our limits, our courage, our strengths and that we eventually break through and beyond these hard times. We need to let those times be teachers of wisdom.

3) The moon has a dark side, but also a bright side. We need to wade through those dark waters so we can arrive on the white shores of the other side. How to do this? With the oars of our heart and God directing our sails.

4) I loved your description of the sperm, the 1 in a million who fights to LIVE. It's as if the sperm was the spirit and the egg was the essence that brings it to live. Our spirit not only fights to come into this world and live, but I believe we are also CHOSEN. God knows. God sees. God chooses. He does not let go of His own.

5) Yes, I agree. Sometimes we are given challenges to help us grow. We are not just floating heads. We have a heart and the journey through our human experience is to make the trip from the head to the heart, and when we arrive, we will know the place we came from.

Lovely, lovely thoughts you have shared in this post and so meaningful for me to hear as I just lost a friend to suicide. I wish he had the chance to see this clip. Sigh.

I am so curious about your background. Send me an e-mail and tell me more about yourself.

~ LaRonda

Stephen J. Hardy said...


There is nothing special about me and I am just an ordinary Deaf man who loves God.