Thursday, September 27, 2007

You Cannot Serve Two Masters!

You cannot serve two masters. One is the Mind and one is from the Heart Within.

The Mind belongs to the flesh and the Heart within belongs to God within.

Both Masters are powerful one is temporary and one is enternity, which will you choose?


LaRonda said...

Beautiful interpretation, Stephen.

Most people would think the quote "You cannot serve two masters" would mean you cannot have more than 1 path to God or you cannot believe in Christ and practice New Age lifestyles at the same time, for example.

But you have taken this quotation in a different way. I'm inspired by your point of view and I understand. I found myself nodding along with you.

I like that you share your opinions gracefully, slowly and clearly. It gives one time to ponder and look within.

Thank you.

You are a lovely spirit.

I'm a big fan!

~ LaRonda

Kim said...

Beautiful vlog! I truly appreciate your time sharing your insights! Jesus bless you!