Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spritiual Insights!

Spiritual inisghts that I wanted to share with you.


LaRonda said...

Really, the messages you are giving us is profound. You are in essence suggesting that we:

1) learn to distinguish between the defensive voice of our own ego (mind) and the sweet sound of our own soul (heart)

2) resolve to listen only to the One within us, that knows us intimately, that loves us deeply and that has our awakening, healing and joyful living as its only purpose

3) that we discover, listen to and trust that remarkable intelligence within our hearts who is always there with clear and simple guidance which will make the next step of our journey safe and sure

4) that we allow our own great Soul to take us by the hand and gently lead us Home.

Yes. Peace and blessings.

~ LaRonda

Stephen J. Hardy said...


Wow, you got it!

Peace and blessings,

Stephen Hardy