Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Should we have ASL Vlogs only section on

Hello, I am back from yesterday. I wanted to share something that is unusual. When people post blogs via text and do they get a lot of response? As opposed to vlogs and many people visited the vlog site and responded. Does it mean most Deaf and hard of hearing people prefer to watch video than text. I see that already that most people prefer video. I was expressing about captions and it is not that simple for most vloggers. Is this holding vloggers back because of this reason? I also mentioned that should we have a ASL vlog blog without captions? This would be an excellent medium for ASL level 2-3 students who need receptive exercise and they can do that by watching ASL vloggers.

My First Vlog Attempt!

Hello, my name is Stephen Hardy and I am from Florida. This is my first time doing a vlog. I have blogged in several of places and doing this is my first time. Please forgive me for not providing open/closed captioned or subtitles.

What I am signing? I wanted to let the audience know that the past several months we have seen a decline of vloggers and I am concerned. I asked my community what they think that could be the reason for the decline of quality vloggers. The information I received that many Deaf vloggers were being insulted or put down for their ideas, comments, or expressions. It is healthy to have various viewpoints or perspectives and no need to put anyone down. I have disagreed with a lot of bloggers; however, I find value as I can analyze people’s comments and see how they think also how their thought process works.

I mentioned that we should support Deaf business and encourage them to grow even purchase their products. That will create jobs for other Deaf people in America.

I wanted to take the time to thank DeafRead folks, Tayler and Jared for making this medium accessible to everyone. It is not an easy job because they have to make sure the information is appropriate and not in any form of hatred or evil threats. They need to be applauded for their efforts!