Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Should we have ASL Vlogs only section on

Hello, I am back from yesterday. I wanted to share something that is unusual. When people post blogs via text and do they get a lot of response? As opposed to vlogs and many people visited the vlog site and responded. Does it mean most Deaf and hard of hearing people prefer to watch video than text. I see that already that most people prefer video. I was expressing about captions and it is not that simple for most vloggers. Is this holding vloggers back because of this reason? I also mentioned that should we have a ASL vlog blog without captions? This would be an excellent medium for ASL level 2-3 students who need receptive exercise and they can do that by watching ASL vloggers.


Jared Evans said...

There is vlogs only section on DeafRead. You can click on the word "Vlogs" at the top of the DeafRead page or go directly to this url:

Seek said...


When vloggers/bloggers decide to set up their website, they have a choice to make a decision what kind of audience they want.

Some b/vloggers just want deaf/ASL signers audience.. some others want general audience, and such.

So, you or anybody else did not offend if anyone decide not to provide subtitles, etc. It's totally up to you what kind of audience you want.

When I first opened my website, I decided general audience is what I want. That's the only reason I provided subtitles. :-)


tayler said...

There is also DeafVIDEO.TV. It is an unfiltered list of videos/vlogs from YouTube.

Oscar Serna said...

Ditto to Geo.

Plus, I am in habit now after people vote on my poll, to type in "Subtitled". That is good thing, I realized, because that way if I will discuss, like one vlog post I just did recently in response to Deafmom3 "What is English-y Sign?" I typed in "Not subtitled" because I felt it was best left to ASL signers and others learning ASL without English getting in the way. However, I subtitle for the same reason Geo does till such a time when it is directed only to ASL signers :).

todos la vie said...

Not only ASL students, but ASL users like us seek out this forum to remain in the culture and language.

Subtitling doesn't provide that for most of us. I would just forgo this anxiety on your part and have those people who don't know ASL to seek it out on their own, without hinging on yours.

todos la vie said...

oops... seeking it out on their own TIME, without hinging on yours. Sorry! Geez.

Stephen J. Hardy said...

I agree!