Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I removed three (3) videos.

I did not realize this would cause people some confusion or to be upset. What I was hoping is to have an open mind discussion about Spirituality. Religion topics are very dangerous when one goes deep and I understand it had to stop.I am not upset or offended and if anyone was please forgive me and I apologize for those videos. I thought I was sharing my views but it lead to confusion.

Thank you, Peace and Blessings.


Jay said...

Aw Stephen,

I wish you hadn't. I was not confused when I watched you.

On other hand, confusion leads into learning.

Although I am not a Christian, I did think alot of what you said made sense.

Colin said...

I also wish you hadn't. I was looking forward to see your other vlogs on religion matters. Hopefully, you'll reconsider to put them on. It's important that people see from your point of view on spiritual matters, they may agree or disagree, it's not your fault if they become confused or angry.

Stephen J. Hardy said...

I am getting e-mails this morning from people at you tube who wants my posting back. I will make it closed captioned and there are a lot of hearing people are interested, I have all the videos on my hard drive. I will re-do everything in a different manner with a disclaimer that this is a Spiritual discussion which may offend Christians. So they will be warned in advance. I am not comfortable with cookie cutter type of sermon and I like to say it from the heart and experience.

Now, I need to figure out the closed captioning part.

drmzz said...

I thought your last vlog on spirituality despite sexuality, gender, etc. was enlightening and educational for me. Granted, you'll come across crazies and nutso that will not understand your intentions no matter how hard you try. To subtitle them will invite even more of such sorts, IMO. Stand firm or falter, it's up to you.

Oscar Serna said...

I watched your vlog post on sexuality, gender, etc ans was touched. Here is my story: I used to be a fundamentalist Baptist but quit it because of its many horrible beliefs that lead the flock into self-hatred. To this day, I had been and is still an atheist (an agnostic to more discerning people). Your presentation slowly started the process of inspiring me to review my biblical training (tossing out all those horrible prejudices). So don't give up. The people who were offended have such a small mind that the spirituality you presented would just drown them in the ocean of guilt! Don't give up!

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Mike: You are right and now I have to expect arrows shooting in my way. I will re do and get back to this.

Oscar: I have a story that will help you to build your faith in whatever yopu choose to be. Remember the Council of Nicea
(http://www.tertullian.org/rpearse/nicaea.html) where they voted 66 books to create a bible and leaving out 5,000 pages of manuscripts. There are written stories about enlightenment, reincarnation, via gnostic "The Knowledge" texts. The gospel of Thomas, Mary, Mark and so many people that wrote during Jesus' times. Jesus was an Essene's which is an awakening group of people. Today, many Christians are not getting the full truth and majority of Christians are being conditioned by their religion and they are totally blind. Sad, 100's of Millions of Christians and less than .01 percent will go to heaven because they THINK they are born again. You cannot THINK that and you will know 100% for sure when it has happened. Jesus says, seek the truth and the truth will set you free what that means is to seek within and all the answers are within. External or outside of the body is like watching a movie and feeling so alive when you get behind the movie projection room and whoa! Different view and one is real and one is not real.
Seek within Oscar, forget the conditioning assembly line Christians because they are not Christians. How can a Christian fight for their faith? It's totally nonsense fighting for something that they do not have. Keep seeking, Oscar and you will find the truth. One more, to be honest with you when you find yourself and you will drop the Christianity concept also merge within to the original source which is everything and nothing.

Colin: I will be back and with a different format.

Dianrez said...

Honest searching, readings and thinking about spirituality shouldn't offend anyone, Christian, Jewish, Muslin or other. It will reaffirm one's own religion once one learns about religion in general.

Reading scriptures of any religion makes one realize that it all is a documentation of the human search for God.

Basic concepts have over time become layered with many different retellings, interpretations, church doctrines, and so on, so it takes time to really dig through to the basics again. It is worth the journey.

Conflict is part of the seeking of truth. Where one feels conflict, that is the time to dig deeper and to seek within one's conscience what the truth is.

Conscience is what God put into people to help them search for the truth.

Stephen J. Hardy said...


Thank you and I look forward to more of your wisdom.

Peace and Blessings.

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

Be brave to say from your own heart! Nothing to share with those people who feel offensive they must misunderstand whole things what you have said! You did not offend anyone at all. You just wanted to share what you had experiences! I agree with Oscar there are plenty of hatred feeling amongst those people who believe in Bible, but unfortunately Bible is a book of interpretation that cause a lot of people leading to be biased or predjuice. I think you express very honest opinion of what is born again!

Deaf Poet said...

Hey Stephen...Please redo the other videos as I haven't seen any and would like to see your videos. This is normal for some people to go against your beliefs, let the arrows fly by...words will break bones but will not break our spirit. God would not want you to stop sharing...Love from within is the most powerful force in the world...hatred just falls to the ground if love for Jesus is there and standing strong. Looking forward to seeing your videos. :-)

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Deaf Poet: