Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spiritual Answers on Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered Issues (Open Captioned)

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I am answering e-mails in the topic of Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Spiritual issues.


a Messanic Jew said...

I am glad you stressed that what you shared is an opinion, not a fact.

You are right, we are spiritual beings, but there are dead ones and alive ones. The bible states that as a fact. Basically, we are all dead spirits until we accept Jesus Christ and our spiritual beings become alive.

Jesus states that there is one truth, one way, one life and that is through Him. The Bible states that as a fact. There are no 4,000 ways or God would be one confused fellow saying one thing and to another a different thing. The Bible states as a fact that God is not the author of confusion.

Gender does COUNT. When God made the world, he made Adam and Eve. His plan was to have Adam and Eve live forever--immortals. This meant ADAM WAS FOREVER A MALE AND EVE WAS FOREVER A FEMALE. GOD SAW IT AS GOOD AND PERFECT. It would be dumb for Him to make female and male if its only purpose was to produce. Male bugs can get pregnant! Why not humans? No, Gender does count.

Science show proof as a fact, not opinion that sperm is designed to penetrate. It will be drawn to go straight straight to the hard shelled egg in a woman's womb and start penetrating it to form a zygote (baby). The vagina wall is very strong and it can withstand millions of sperm penetrating at it and NOT ONE sperm will be able to burrow through the vagina wall. The anus wall is not the same. Its wall is very tender, soft and fraige. When sperms enter the anus area, it has absolutely NO PROBLEM burrowing through the anus wall. Once it is out, its next goal is to drive straight for the immune system and start attacking it. The immune system begins to weaken. It makes the human become more sick and die faster. This explains now why God did not promote homosexuality.

This is often found in homosexuals and men who has had a vasectonomy--- their immune system are not as strong.

We have a body that God wants us to cherish, love, and take good care of. As an alive spirit, our body is the Holy Temple for the Holy Spirit. Take good care of it and speak only the Truth and Facts from the Bible to help others live a long and prosperous life with Christ.

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Messanic Jew:

I appreciate your comments and I want to bring up another point about ways to reach God. Suppose there are so many religions and they use the same Holy Bible (different versions) and one truth. what is your view on that one?

Second point, what is your view on Romans, Chapter 8?

Both questions are related to your response and wanted to see your views on this topic.

I appreciate any information to the questions above.

Peace and Blessings,

Stephen Hardy

a Messanic Jew said...

It is impossible to have one truth but many religion with God. Jesus stated it. He disagreed with the Pharisees. Why didn't he agree with the Pharisees and tell them "4,000 ways to get to God, it's OK."? No, Jesus knew there was a need to make clear of many things. This tells us that there are confusion and that Jesus had to explain it again, even to the best (Pharisees).

It is the person's responsibility to divide the Word and get out of religion and get into a relationship with God. Reading different translations of the Bible is OK, as long as you go back to KJV and Hebrew/Greek to study and divide properly.

I am not sure what you are wanting to get from me re: Chapter 8 of Romans.

In Chapter 8, the chapter explains the difference between a person who has Christ in him/her and a person who does not.

To be carnally minded means anyone who has not accepted Christ or even christians who do not walk the Walk. "For the wages of sin is death." -Romans 6:23

To be spiritually minded means the person has accepted Christ and has renewed his/her mind and is walking the Walk. "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit." -Romans 8:1

Note: The verse says "...who does not walk according to the flesh..."