Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My First Vlog Attempt!

Hello, my name is Stephen Hardy and I am from Florida. This is my first time doing a vlog. I have blogged in several of places and doing this is my first time. Please forgive me for not providing open/closed captioned or subtitles.

What I am signing? I wanted to let the audience know that the past several months we have seen a decline of vloggers and I am concerned. I asked my community what they think that could be the reason for the decline of quality vloggers. The information I received that many Deaf vloggers were being insulted or put down for their ideas, comments, or expressions. It is healthy to have various viewpoints or perspectives and no need to put anyone down. I have disagreed with a lot of bloggers; however, I find value as I can analyze people’s comments and see how they think also how their thought process works.

I mentioned that we should support Deaf business and encourage them to grow even purchase their products. That will create jobs for other Deaf people in America.

I wanted to take the time to thank DeafRead folks, Tayler and Jared for making this medium accessible to everyone. It is not an easy job because they have to make sure the information is appropriate and not in any form of hatred or evil threats. They need to be applauded for their efforts!


grantlairdjr said...

I remember you at one of NAD Conference few years ago.

Anyway, good vlog! Hope you will do it more often in near future :)

Let us know if you need help.


Deaf Dixie said...

Welcome to Vlogland!!!


Deaf Pixie said...

Congratulate! For you to learn how to use vlog/blog.

It's kind of very hard to set up and hook. I have not hook yet since webcam has not arrived.:(

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

Wellcome to Vlogland!!! I am glad you make up your mind about becoming vloggers, Of course vlogging and blogging are the best way to learn and educate ourselves almost equal what you read a book in many ways! I would like to listen what your opinion would be!!!

deafk said...

Hi, Stephen,

Welcome to vlogland!! Thanks for sharing your concern about vloggers not doing vlogs as much as they did last spring. I noticed that too. We need to do something about the criticize.

Once I got a real strong criticize, I let it printed in my blog, because I felt it got attention, lol. Again, it depends what it says. Another criticize was a little offended, but I decided to email to that person, and explained why I did not print this criticize. It seems to be ok for me.

Ok, welcome again! deafk

Seek said...


I'm not sure why some people think it is the ONLY reason that the number of vloggers is declining just because of comments issue such as being insulted, put down ideas, etc.

What many people do not realize that being vlogger takes a lot of work and it is always time-consuming.. let alone adding subtitle. And also, someone can't just wake up in the morning and say, ok I'm gonna become vlogger today.

It takes a lot of time and practice, have to study the rule, etc.

I studied how to become vlogger through internet, tips, advices, etc from hearies back in January until March before I finally decided it was time for me to give it a try to be a vlogger.

When someone becomes vlogger, need to understand that they do not have to talk about deaf topics all the time because either it can get boring or run out of ideas so fast.

Many hearing vloggers out there has been successful which I follow past several months to get idea how they run, that's how I learned from.

There are few things vloggers cannot do but many of them yet do it like lecturing readers, many readers do NOT like to come on to be lectured and more. Sure I make mistakes, we all make mistakes as long as we learn from it. :-)

But, yes it is true the number of vloggers has been declining. I was asked by a group of bloggers and a few of vloggers to write up rule how to become vlogger and success but I don't know I'm the right person because I started less than 6 months ago.

Oh, by the way.. good to see you!


Jared Evans said...

You did an outstanding job on your vlog! It takes some effort to get used to signing alone to the camera :-) Once you get over that bump, it'll be much more easier.

Thanks for your kind words about the DeafRead team! It's supportive comments like yours that keep us going and makes it all worthwhile for us.

We could almost write a book about all the issues, situations, and problems that we have had to resolve behind the scenes. We still persist because we can see that the end result is all worth the work and sweat.

Looking forward to your future vlogs.

Jared Evans said...

As for the decline in the number of vlogs in the last few months: Don't forget that it was the summer! Many of us have summer plans such as trips and family vacations. Some of them have children to take care of during the summer when school is not in session.

I see the less traffic during summer as a good sign since people aren't too addicted to the computer and go out and enjoy life! :-)

Deaf Kitchen said...

Welcome to vlogland! Look forward to what you have to say and share with us! Keep on vlogging!

Judge said...


You should have come up to NJ for Deaf Fest 2007. You missed that!

Welcome to Vlogging World.

Yes, I will post my vlog very soon!


OCDAC said...

You still the great looking feller knew!


Oscar Serna said...

Welcome to vlogland! Yeah, it takes time to be a good vlogger (whatever standard yuo want to measure it against :-) ). As for subtitling, it can be maddening if you have to split clips to put in subtitles like Window Movie Maker. So I use Cyberlink PowerDirector version 6 because it has subtitling program in it. However, it should not be a priority, in my opinion, because you may want to be comfortable with your computer and all that crazy things, haha, first :).

I agree with Jared that it was just summer downtime but vloggers will be back in force sometime soonI predict! *big grin*

Anyway, welcome board!

LaRonda said...

Hi Stephen. Wonderful first vlog! It was informative, heartfelt, enthusiastic and easy to follow. Your thoughts and opinions were enjoyable to see. I've seen your comments out there, but I'm glad to see you vlogging now! Join the ranks!

Keep up the great work!

~ LaRonda


I agree with you what you said to us and blog is parts of our education improvement better like "vlog homework " and I am trying to work on blogger get veido myself to study how to work put together give me time also i like to help people myself adjustment give advace but I love it deafread sometime when people use text tell me if i am wrong or right it does matter to me maybe I can change better way later cause I use asl in another way use english but it nobody perfect later future we will said thanks vlog help us and another people who work help each other will be greatest as " vlog family " i had not set up my blogger let me figure out how to work and closed caption if hearing people want learn on sign langauge from vlog welcome and you too welcome first time soon i will be same later on when find the right time for me i said vlog is "no fear or no bite " freedom speech would you like to said something as another people is parts our "homework vlog " if there is something wrong we can change better one dont worry if people said bad things let them talk and we will watch and also i surprise people support my side when they dont like my asl or english sentence asl is open speak out even sign langauge and asl speak i notice nad presdent said begining spread out for asl awsome maybe you and i can be our freindship for vlog there smile

drmzz said...

Welcome. Yes, it is rather nerving to be talking to yourself from time to time haha. I vlogged about it (Oh, I See.. "More private-self talk by vlogging?" Feb). I think most readers/viewers prefer the old familiar deaf experiences and entertainment rather than recent or current or challenging thought topics. Do I want to dance like a clown in front of the webcam, I think not. Good luck.

Aslpride said...

My respond

Joey Baer said...

Yea!! Its great to see you again!Im glad you decided to vlog after posting MANY comments. I can see your points about the decline of vlogging but I am not worried. You see, our vlogs will be "published" and archived - so it will never get old and people will always come across some old vlogs and learn new things. So in other words, vlogging are still booming! :)

Looking forward to see more of your vlogs!

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Welcome to the Vlogland. I have never done the vlogging part yet, someday I will.

You did beautiful job expressing your concerns with declining #'s of Deaf vloggers. I missed those people you just mentioned and hope they are just taking break and making more vlogs to surprise us in the near future.

Todd said...

Hope you don't mind my asking; What part of Florida do you live in? Will you attend the ASL Expo next month?

BTW, it's nice to see you again, although on digital bits and bytes. I'm glad to see you doing very well.

Jay said...

Hi there Stephen

Your presentation, and your energy delivering your message, are just great!

Although I have not vlogged in a while, I am still around the DeafRead blogsphere and with all of you in spirit.

Jac said...


Stephen J. Hardy said...

Thank you for your comments and I wanted to reply to some questions.

Todd: I am located at Gainesville, Florida and I am considering attending the ASL Expo.

Jay: It is good to know that you are still around. I wondered about you a lot.

Joey: You started all this and thank you for making the Deaf world much closer than ever.

Grant: Yes, I was the former president of the Florida Association of the eaf (FAD) and attended NAD confernece as a delegate. I remembered you very well and you are a sort of a celebrity there. Congratulations on your NAD award. You set excellent examples for Deaf people.

Seek and Oscar: I begin to wonder, is it worth captioning the videos and it takes a lot or work to produce a 10 minute video. I hate to leave people out and I was hoping to use comments to help people understand what I am saying may suffice?

OCDAC: Naw, still same ole' dude who has put on pounds. Tsk Tsk on me.

Jared: What an idea you have, put your experience into a book. Hearing people would love to know how a Deaf mind works within the digital world. Go for it!

Judge: yes, you need to get back to vlogging. I tell my students about your story about your friend who forgot to turn off their video cam and you had a bucket full of popcorn watching free porn. *grins*

LaRonda: Thank you and I enjoyed your Vlog/Blog about your journey and adventures of becoming deaf. You are cool in my book. *smiles*

drmzz: I would not dance in the front of the camera. I am impressed you have done that with the music venue.

DEAFNAVYHARLEYDAVIDSONUSA: We need more vloggers and that means we need you to get into the camera and sign away!

For those who wants to know more about me, I was raised in New Jersey and attended New Jersey School for the Deaf (Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf) then Gallaudet where I met my wife Connie "Marshall" Hardy, graduated from the University of Florida. I have 4 children (Age 27 to 15). I moonlight as an IT with the University of Florida and I teach American Sign Language at the University of Florida and Santa Fe Community College during the daytime. My interest are cognitive linguistics, deaf history, spirituality and political science.

IamMine said...

Nice to finally seeing a face after seeing so many comments of yours! :)

Your name is now off the "I wonder what that commentator is like in real life?" list. ;)

Welcome to the vlogging world!

John Lestina --- said...

Good to see your face!!! You did a great job on vlog, smile! Someday I will be back to vlogs, ha! Take care!

drmzz said...

After 25 years, you damn better be impressed. I didn't want to do it at first, but did it for a friend. Hmm, let's see what you have in stock for us then.

Stephen J. Hardy said...

ASlPride: Thank you for using the video to respond. At home I could not read openegg because I was using Ubutnu Linux. I am here at work and I can see you clearly. It makes sense now due to explosive opportunity to use vlogs and the summer time is a time of rest and recreation (R&R).

It is important that our Deaf brothers and sisters take an advantage of using vlog. I know the captioned part could be a problem but can type a narrative story below the video for the signing impaired.

Seek said...

Hey Stephen,

The question you asked if it is worth it to add captions, really it it toally up to you.

For me, the answer is yes because some comment makers are hearing and I received a lot of e-mails from hearies and ASL students about how much they really appreciated for me to add subtitles because it helps them a lot to learn ASL.

But then again, it is totally up to you. Transcripts work too. :-D