Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why I am NOT a member of any religion organization

I am explaining why I am not a member of any organized religion. I respect all religion and do not want to be part of it. I hate seeing different religions fighting over silly things. I love to talk about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I know there are people out there who are playing some kind of a game that tries to trap me into their game. I refused to play that game and I want no part of it. There is nothing special about me and I am just a Deaf ordinary man just like others. If someone says I am this or that and just ignore them. I have already forgiven people and I do not hold any grudges or whatever it is called.

Peace and Blessings,
Stephen Hardy


ASL Risen said...

That's true that I had seen the religion organization had been not doing great this time. Since they want to make money but not helping much for the poor people who do not have job or not have good services.

That's why I am so fed up and not learning anything so well from my religion organization after the nuns treated me like ANIMALS before the cochlear implants came out. They were using and taking advantage of us to show the world that Deaf can TALK and HEAR !!

So I guess the abusing started to stop when the cochlear implants came out to educate. But somehow one of the Deaf former students told me that there is one nun did pulled one Deaf who have CI's hair and banged to the plywooded wall in the hall way nearby the girls bathroom in the Middle School in after 1990's.

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

GOOD for you, remember your belief has noting to do with your reality but something has to do with your personal experience which is based on your belief subjectively! That is my favorite word: subjective. No one judges you for what you believe is YOU who tells you all the truth. Remember the truth is not fact. If you find your own truth through God that is fine! Listen your heart first, Freedom is all about!

LaRonda said...

Hi Stephen.

I so much resonate with you at times. Whew! I wish I lived near you so I could come over and be a part of the group of friends who just hang out together and talk of spiritual things (not necessarily religious) and our spiritual nature.

Know that I'm a big fan of yours!

~ LaRonda

Stephen J. Hardy said...


That would ROCK!

My wife is also culturally and linguistically Deaf and shares the same views. She could be an asset with the Deaf women discussing spirituality issues.

I am down in Florida where the alligators are (Gainesville, Florida).


Peace and Blessings,

Stephen Hardy

Piedmont said...


Jacey said...

I know how you felt, been there before.. I have taught my hearing friend for six yrs while she was in interpreter classes. When she is on her own, less to hang around with me, I have asked her to join me and my friends. She told me that she is not allow to hang around my deaf friends because they were her client, I goes what is going on? I lost interesting in her as my deaf friends do come first.... but willing to welcome her back which she never be friends with me again.... that is really sucks!