Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Be careful of what you hear or see and it does have consequences

It is very important to convert negative message (energy) into positive messages. Negative message is also very powerful and the same for positive messages.

Train your mind to convert negative messages into positive messages. Messages are energies and can spread to people like wildfire. We do not need any negative energies spreading around. When you hear or see negative message and trick your mind by rephrasing the message itself.

What you think is what you allow within and becomes duplicated by sending that message to other people. Think good and loving thoughts and send it to the Deaf community also watch and see what happens. It will spread like fire because energies travels from people to people like a telephone. Be careful of what energies you are sending to the Deaf community in general.


Karen Mayes said...

It all sounds like ACIM... A Course in Miracles. Have you read the book on it?

No, it is not a church... not a religion. It is a way of thinking, a change of perception on Christianity.

ASL Risen said...

Well what about MONEY and POWER from that Audists did declared that the technology will wipe out the ASL? Should we let them go destroy the Deaf community or WHAT?

Should we be lazy and let them go kill ASL on this earth?

Im confused what are you talking about?

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Karen: Yes, I have and many other books related to that topic.

ASLrisen: I was talking about when you say negative things and people can feel it. Best to say wonderful things so people can feel that also. If Audist says bad things and best to change the audist words into positive words. Bad or negative things spreads all over and not good for the Deaf community. Positive mind gives the Deaf MORE power than the audist by not using a negative mind.

The Expatriate said...

Just love your vlog!

It is like this crude opinion, excuse me for sharing this, "Everyone has an opinion just like everyone has an asshole."

Now we can view this quote in such a negative way or a positive way. I view this in a positive way because everyone has their own opinion.

Whenever someone says the quotes "I heard, I saw, someone told me..." I don't take those words with a grain of salt because I consider it gossip.

"What we fear, we create" usually applies to mass hysteria about CI taking over ASL.

Deb Ann said...

Thumbs up and continue
your vlog! ;)

DeafKathy (Wilson) said...

Hey, did anyone ever tell you that you are an inspiration! You are! I loved your thinking, how you describe in wonderful/postive words and thoughts.

Keep up!