Friday, October 5, 2007

A VLOG response to ASLRisen (Shawn).

My VLOG response to ASLRisen (Shawn) and explain what a person needs to do to experience God. I gave an example of how to do it where you are now.

We have sinned Romans 2:23

We will be Judged Hebrews 9:27

We cannot save ourselves Eccelasiastes 7:20

We can be saved through Jesus Christ Romans 5:8

No religion can save you even man it has to go through Jesus Christ only


ASL Risen said...

Hi Good Mawning, Stephen!

Thank you so much for your vlog to explain to me... Of course, I won't give up my spirit to support ASL... I also wanted to thank you for accepting my 2nd video response on your video tube link:
(pls copied and paste)

Have a good day! Shawn

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

Well, remember everyone chooses to be Catholic or whatever. So I choose to be my church which is based on subjective! You choose to believe the word of God through the bible is based on your subjective! Not mine. I believe in the word of God is not the same way what you believe, I have my own belief in my subjective not yours. Therefore the Bible is the book of subjective!!! Thanks

ASL Risen said...

Thank you, Deaf Socrate's Trail so MUCH for your openly comments to share with us! I am NOT strong Catholic myself as long as I do not hang around with the other Deaf Catholics (some former Day students whom they are Speech teacher nuns' favorite pets) like to watch us some former dorm students who experienced abuse from some nuns. They the former day students did acted glad or turn their face away from some former dorm students. So that's why I have to stand strong myself supporting the victims who suffered from the oppressions.. It is pay back from the Catholic to give some donation money to some of us who suffered from PHYSICALLY ABUSED or some did expirienced with some blocking Deaf education for so many years with our heavy scars..

Pls do go copy and paste from the currently updated news from San Diego Catholic Diocese link:

But I wonder if some Catholic Diocese will donate some money for the brothers and sisters who suffered from "Physically Abuse", also???

Thanks, Shawn