Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cure of Deaf, would you accept? How about this one?

Suppose there is a cure through technology, medical advancement, or genetic engineering. Would you accept the cure? Most Deaf people would say, "No!" What about Jesus Christ? If Jesus says, "It is God's will to cure your hearing." Would you accept or argue to stay Deaf, which? Another point here is in the New Testament, Book of Mark, Chapter 7 and verses 31 through 37 where there is a story about Jesus Christ healing a Deaf man and it is a very interesting historical event that happened during Jesus' time. Would you accept Jesus' healing of your deafness, yes or no?


a Messanic Jew said...

Why do you call it "pretend and imagine.."? Jesus's healing is real and it is not pretend and imagine. :-)

I wouldn't take the C.I. nor the pill. I'd gladly accept Jesus' healing because it is painless and does not have any complications or side effects. I also would be able to give God 100% credit and glorify Him without having to share the credits with technology.

Jesus's healing is still available today, in this era. There is no such thing as "culture" with God. God still can heal the deaf and He respects the freewill of a person. If you want it, sure, go ahead and pray and believe in it. You don't have to wait until Jesus shows up. He already came to Earth for that. Just believe in Him and what the Bible says. :-)

Don't pretend or imagine...

ASL Risen said...
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ASL Risen said...

Hallo Stephen again, too!

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Spiritually Support ASL Hugs, Shawn

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Messanic jew:

I just established a scenario of "What-ifs" to see how the Deaf community responds. They refuse Deaf cure from a technological and biological standpoint and see if it applies to theological point of view.

ASLrisen: Columbus day, I have to work and no extra pay *grrrr*.

OCDAC said...

I serve on the UCI Stem Cell PAC and yesterday afternoon I was informed the university is starting a hearing research center and I'm thrilled to hear about this.

The lady came to me at our foodstand fund raiser at the community festival to tell me of this.

It will rival the House Ear Institute. I've seen HEI be too short-minded on their 'flag wavers'.

If I can come up with $5 million for the research center, I'll have it named after me.

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

Well,Under Chapter 7 and through 31 to 37 might mislead whole things about deafness, I have a question How did he know if a person is Deaf or that person might have a disease that is involved with deafness which is a disease and Jesus healed anyone who had disease. I do not believe he ever did heal the gene of deafness. I do believe they had a lot of ancient diseases that were very common in that time. The genes of deafness ??? I wish he taught people to learn to accept for who the persons are not changing the way the person is! If I was born with disease that caused deafness, I might accept but if I was born with the gene of deafness, I would say no as long as God already designed me first place! The difference between disease and gene are not the same thing! Thanks

Joey said...

hmm.... i don't know if stem cell can cure deafies. i will find out about it. i never heard from them saying about stem cell can cure deafies.
i can trust Jesus...the ONLY ONE to heal me to be hearing. we deafies don't want C.I. or others here on Earth. I would rather to die and go to heaven then I will hear. we are not possessed by demons. jesus created us deaf people here on earth. read John: 9:1 GOD created people that way. Deafies can't be possessed by demons.
or i am NOT exorcise!!
nice day.

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Deaf Socrate'sTrail:

I cannot answer that one because there is not enough information on that part in the Bible.

However, I do know there is a Deaf gene inside the DNA since the old testament days. One day with technology and we will find more historical facts about the Deaf gene that spans way back maybe 5,000 years. Who knows?

Stephen J. Hardy said...


I will ask this question now, Are you comfortable with the body you are in now? Why you have been running away from your true self? If you are cured how it would be different? If you cannot handle life within the deaf body and how it would be different inside in a hearing body?

our destiny is to accept for who you are and you appear to be fighting with yourself. It is so simple to accept yourself whatever body you are in but you have so many issues as I have read many of your comments which tells me you are not happy for whom you are.

Is this true?

grantlairdjr said...

Hmmm... Interesting!

Did you ever ask 3rd question with your friends in your local community? How do they respond to it? Just wonder :)

In 2000, I had interview with local newspaper -- they asked me if there's cure for my deafness. I told them I will say no right away but deep in heart, I would love to hear someday. Strange huh?

I copied article into my website. Check it out!


Stephen J. Hardy said...


This is an awesome article and thank you for sharing!

Stephen Hardy

OCDAC said...


There's a lot of money in the future of deaf society the deaf communities don't like and I'm just laying my foot on the piece of the pie.

Its not about me being unhappy with myself.


ASL Risen said...

Hi Stephen!

You got a msg from someone on one of my vlog (copied and paste) link:

chicago said...

i rememebered,family went to the church big revival one deaf friend prayed hard his hope opening hearing so healing.i prayed with him long hour.i won't recalled his name.but he still be deaf person not healing.other hearing woman told me not enough faithful.i was distress of her.i disagreed her that he prayed God for years.i said,who say not enough faithful? i believed God some reason not heal him.what is your answer?

john said...

god works in mysterious way the development of technologies or works to find cure to fix deaf people are the work of god i would accept the cure (i was born deaf) i pray everyday for the cure so yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Miguel said...

I think you are doing human trials, at least with children (see the web cordbloodregistry -->> ).
In this blog you can also stay informed on human trials.

The Deaf Guy said...

Hey , This really get my attention ! Can I ask you a few question too ? What are we here for anyway ? Reason for our being Deaf ?? Please read this verse John 9:1-3 . It looks like God want to use some of us as proof that He exits ! ;) Sorry , I am all stirred up ! Thank you !