Wednesday, October 3, 2007

American Sign Language (ASL) does not attack anyone!

Accusing American Sign Language itself of causing pain or problems is a fallacy because blaming a "Language" for something that does not have anything to do with human nature.

Direct the problem to people and not the language. People are causing issues and target them instead. It is true that Deaf people oppress other Deaf people and it has nothing to do with American Sign Language in general.


NightOwl said...

Roehim, yes you Stephen's Vlog 4 or 5 more times please. Thanks.

Deaf Pixie said...

Seem unclearly about blame on ASL person about ASL doesnt not attack. Their ASL is their own language. I was thinking it is very confusing for me to understand about blameless ASL person or Blame on ASL person.

Squ65 said...

Richard is odd - that's how who he is!

John Lestina --- said...

Long Live ASL!

Carl Schroeder said...

Thank you, Stephen. I'm just amazed by how my former students like yourself and some others have achieved in life. You're outstanding.

deafk said...

Roehim, yeah, not only him, unforunately, but there are a few oddies like him out there... I have met them. Actually, I find them rather peculiar. Poor them, that they get confused what they are... Not ASL. What they thought was ASL, but what they are is behind in socialization, or got jumbo mumbo in thought process while growing up... (mixed up messages)

Oh, well. Good job, guy!


4328yahoo said...

You explained well and gave good examples, Stephen. You have such a sweet spirit. I hope Richard will finally get it. Your approach is wise, mature and polite so opposite of how Carl handled this with Richard and you are younger. Awesome. Keep it up and more vlogging!

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

Excatly, you are right! All languages do not cause any problem or trouble, just a person causes a problem because that one might not know how to use right word or verbal that might cause, not even a language clashes or battles with another language! The way you express is very excellent example and know how to use right words not language in itself! Expression in ASL that person might cause, not the language at all! Thanks

Chuck Baird said...


You are awesome! I feel a very thankful to have people like you. Sweet, gentle, and wise, yet, a very solid message.

Carl is fantastic, too. He has his style. So are many other vloggers, men, women, and even teens. That is what the beauty of is, consist of many thoughtful minds with varied styles. We have learned so much more ourselves and our language in this process on the journey to Deafhood.

Thank you, some confused people truly need help from ones like you! You have said beautifully articulate ... and immediate, respond the very next day, maybe the same night if I am wrong!

What a fine fellow you are!


OCDAC said...

Why should I analyze myself if the same thing is happened to other people like Tom Bertling, Tom Willard, Paulette Caswell, and even Jane Fernandes among others.

It's not ME, Stephen, its a concerted effort by the ASL zealots to exact scourge upon people who dont fully embrace ASL.


ASL Risen said...

Greetings, Stephen!

Thanks soOOO MUCH for educating me to follow my spirit!!


Stephen J. Hardy said...

Richard, you mentioned...

Tom Bertling, Tom Willard, Paulette Caswell, and even Jane Fernandes among others.

I do not know their story and I recommend that you work on yourself first because you wanted to be immersed within the Deaf world. Let the others take care of their problems.

Focus on yourself first then go from there.

OCDAC said...


I suggest you look into their stories and you'll see a pattern. Even today I heard theres a concerted effort to boycott classes taught by Jane Fernandes at Gallaudet.

Its not the victims like me Stephen, its the ASL zealots overstepping their boundaries.

Stephen J. Hardy said...


I am behind the news about Fernandes. What I am saying is, this is not an ASL issue. It is a people issue and people of a certain group are doing things that the majority of the Deaf community does not agree with.

There are many different characteristics of Deaf members within the community. There are Deaf groups are extremist or radical just like the hearing population. The extremist groups are no way associated with Deafhood because Deafhood groups are promoting unity. Deafhood groups are looking for solutions such as bilingual, Deaf education, employment, ASL language, etc. issues.

The Majority of Deaf people are cool and progressive type of people who are protectors of their Deaf culture and ASL.

Again, we are not like those extremist that you were thinking of and that is why you are barking on the wrong tree. Go after the extremist people that hurt you and not the ones that do not hurt you.

Peace and Blessings,

Stephen Hardy

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Carl: It's been ages since that last class I took under you at Gallaudet. Good to see you on vlogs!

John: A-M-E-N!

4328yahoo: Carl is a professor and he has handled a lot of radicals in his days. He is a good man!

Chuck: Ditto!

ASLRisen: I am learning also. *smiles*

Richard: REPENT!! *evil snickers*

ASL Risen said...

Hi Stephen again!

'Smiles' back to you, too!