Sunday, October 7, 2007

Problems understanding the Bible, Response.

My response to Shawn's (ASLisRisen) concerns regarding to the Deaf man and why his name was not in the Bible and etc.

The book I showed is "Introduction to the New Testament" by Dr. Henry Clarence Thiessen, Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. ISBN 1-56563-724-0. This book is used in seminaries and those who study theology. It is not an easy read because of scholarly language is nature.


ASL Risen said...

Wow!! Very interesting publish around 49 AD started with King James! Great vlog for everyone who are interested studying in Bible!!! Really about Old Testament about Deaf man??? Which verses??? Huh? Oh geez, I need go to bed cuz Im reporting work tmw morning. ssseeezh!!! Good night! Thanks for the vlog again! Keeep it up!!! Shawn

Stephen J. Hardy said...

King James version came out in 1611.

Stephen J. Hardy said...


Before 1611 (King James version) people had to pay the Catholic priest to hear the word of God. People were not allowed to own a Bible. That is one of the reasons why Martin Luther left the Roman Catholic Church because the church was charging a "fee" for indulgence (blessing, funeral, Mass, etc.).

In the old testament, about cursing a Deaf man is at: Leviticus 19:14
You can read Carl Schroeder's ASL vlog at:

ASL Risen said...

Oh okay thanks for clarify the year from the book published! Wow interesting! YES, right on about the Catholic churches are charging us the fees for blessing, funeral, Mass, and etc... Know what, I just only follow my spirit and faith in God and Jesus as best as I could NOT give up my supporting ASL while I am still WEAK Catholic as long as I pray and hope there will be St. Laurent Clerc's Day celebration every year on Dec 26 to honor some of us Deaf workers and people who experiences from the HEAVY OPPRESSIONS.. I already explained with my comments on my own vlog today... Hard to explain to you.. Deep sighs!!!

Oh thanks so much again for giving me Carl Schroder's ASL vlog for Defending Deaf! Cool and very interesting!!! Hope you will have a very good holiday, Columbus' Day! Smile, Shawn

Stephen J. Hardy said...

If Laurent Clerc does miracles and if there is evidence that one person prays to laurent Clerc that he healed a person who is Hard of hearing and become fully Deaf through Clerc would become a Saint. LOL

Maybe with ipods and loud music we will see more deaf people and they will pray to Clerc for ASL signing ability. If that happens and we can petition to the pope; however, I would not hold my breath on that one. *grins*

ASL Risen said...

What is the bible verses for the family throwing the disabilities child out???

Oh you do not have to worship the Saints. Not all Saints are healing! Some saints are myth anyway! Huh, once if we could possibly set up the law with the POPE to make agreement and have St. Laurent Clerc, so the nuns or priests cannot use physically abuse and bully the Deaf children if they had hard time in Orally education!!! So they will ENJOY learing in Deaf education.

Of course we do NOT have to worship the Saints but why there are NO Deaf Saints?? Means we are bad Deaf saints??? HUH??

Susan said...

LOL...yes thats true...catholics are greedy even though I am a Catholic girl however I resigned myself from catholics because of what happened to my deaf brother who was repeadedly raped by a priest since he was 10. I rather be neutral from all religions and just between god and me. those pastors are having 2 faces never trusted any pastor anyway. susan