Monday, October 8, 2007

Holy Spirit does not speak through 3rd parties. It speaks to you directly.

I just woke up with a message to share. Remember the Holy Spirit within you speaks directly to you only. There is a lot of people who believe that other people tell them that the Holy Spirit asked them to do this and that. Be aware and know that you already have a direct link to God and no need for other person to do that for you. Trust your heart and this is where God is at with the Holy Spirit (God, Jesus and Holy Spirit = One). You are a spiritual being and have access to God anytime and any place. If a person says that God told me to tell you this or that and be aware because God can tell that to you directly. No human on earth is above you and remember this. God is in everyone regardless if a person believes or not. Holy Spirit is your helper and your teacher, trust the Holy Spirit and you will get correct insights. Holy Spirit communicates you through dreams, symbols, words, vision, voice, your heart and etc. Be alert when Holy Spirit communicates with you and you need to quiet your mind so the Holy Spirit can channel its communication to your heart.


Kim said...

Good Morning! Delighted watching your Vlog.. It inspires me to see other Christians on the Vlogs and we are in same mind, spirit and community. How awesome God is!
By the way, my husband, Ron knows you way back in Gally years. He says HI!
Have a wonderful day!
For Christ, Kim Symansky

Stephen J. Hardy said...

Hello Kim:

I remembered Ron very well and he is a good man. Send him my regards and your children are so precious!

In Him,

Stephen Hardy

Xpressive Handz said...

When someone told me they had a message for me from the Holy Spirit and God, it turned out to be their own manipulative agenda. Thank you for this post!