Thursday, October 11, 2007

Laurent Clerc never got a Honorary Degree from Gallaudet U?

Laurent Clerc never got a Honorary Degree from Gallaudet University?

That is a shame and he is our founding father with ASL.

Let's check the facts and see if that is true then we will take action.


NightOwl said...


Paul said...

You have a good point. In the beginnings, Gally was named Columbia Institution for Deaf and Dumb...then it was changed to Gallaudet College for the most of its years...then eventually changed to Gallaudet University. That's the level where more doctorate degrees are it is a good time to consider an honorary degree posthumous for Laurent Clerc.


Squ65 said...

Ahhh I never thought of Clerc not getting an Honoray Degree from Gallaudet. Why not?

Deaf Socrate'sTrail said...

Compare to Marlee Matlin who received the honorary degree from Gallaudet University in 1988, who is not an educator but just an actress. She never attended Gallaudet University. Laurent Clerc who brought formal sign language to our Deaf community in the field of education, he was an educator! Why not He ought to receive the honorary degree. I do believe that he deserved for his great contribution to Gallaudet University in my opinion!

KyDeafie said...

Yes, Indeed!! Hope they will do something and give Clerc an Honoray Degree on his coming birthday, December 26th.

Jean Boutcher said...

I thought that you were aware that Clerc had never been awarded an honourably doctorate degree. All Deaf Gallaudetians should read Harlan Lane's compendium history of the deaf in American (some in France)in "When the Mind Hears." It is a must read for everyone attending Gallaudet. The book is mostly about Laurent Clerc all the way from his birthplace, LaBalme, France, to Paris, France, and finally to Hartford, Connecticut.

I wrote a letter in the form of an email in 2000s to the prominent leaders like Dr. Garretson, Dr. Eastman, Dr. Gannon, Dr. Bragg, Dr. Rosen, Alice Hagemeyer, and the then-BOT member John Yeh, urging the BOT to award a POSTHUMOUSLY honourary degree. These Deaf giants agreed with me wholly and completely, but the BoT has been unresponsive. No, not the first time. In 1990s, the BoT was silent.

Domvera said...

Definitely, Laurent Clerc should deserve Gallaudet University's reward in honorary degree. From what I admired his role model for our Americans especially Gallaudetians, he took his courage to overcame his deafness and accepted LSF and Deaf culture which brought forth into our youth country (about 40 years after the birth of our nation) to share our descendents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans which outgrew our beautiful language and Deaf culture to continue the high acclaim and quality of education before Gallaudet University established and Milan Conference to ban sign language. He was our hero! I have been into his birthplace in France in 9 years ago and his spirit leveled me up. His biographical life book inspired me deeply.
I pray that Gallaudet University Board of Trustee and the community will re-consider offering the name of Laurent Clerc to be award in honorary degree. Viva Gallaudet!
Nick Vera

ASL Risen said...

I agreed with you! I deafinitely feel that Laurent Clerc deserves the honorary degree from Gallaudet!! It's time for the BOT to WAKE UP to honor Laurent Clerc, the first Deaf Teacher here in America!! Why not???

Thanks for bringing it up on your vlog!

deafk said...


Curious, who takes care of looking for the facts? You asked for us to look up for the facts. Ok, do not assume we do the job. I hate this when people did that like that. Sorry, but, you re an awesome guy, all right? Keep up posting, smile.


mishkazena said...

If it's true that Clerc had never received a honorary degree, about time he gets one. Contact BoT and nominate Laurent Clerc :)

Stephen J. Hardy said...


I was asking people who may work at Gallaudet and can check on their computer to see if Clerc as granted with a Honorary degree. This is fast way to check then we plan on the next step.

Gallaudet may pass this resolution this time because a lot of audist are gone except fro two members of the Board.

ASL Risen said...

Stephen Hardy,

OIC. Let's hope and pray that will pass the resolution asap before we can cheer and celebrate Laurent Clerc's birthday on Dec. 26!!! Thanks for your update report!