Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Theory: Hatred and Oppression is within our DNA

My opinion, I believe our hatred is passed down to us from our great great great grandparents through our DNA. There are things we cannot control and most of the time we oppress our evil, hateful thoughts ourselves. I applaud Aidan Mack and people from who are talking about racism and other forms of human oppressions. Is it our human nature to hate like the animals do? Give us your insights and opinions on this topic.


Linda said...

I agree with you. It is related to survival skill that was much needed in our ancasters. "Keeping differences out of our zone" That prevented them from getting bad causes from differences like germ and illnesses. They had no way to prevent those that time. By staying alive, kept differences away from them.. It makes sense to me.. Our DNA develops to protect us. Now we have high technologies to prevent those but our DNA is slowly changing.

Deb Ann said...

what an interesting subject.

But I don't really agree.