Saturday, September 15, 2007

Deaf Identity and the Deaf Mind

I wanted to share something about the Mind of Deaf (Deaf Mind) awakening concept.

Deaf identity is about who we are as a DEAF person and we need to go deeper to understand the true meaning is about the Deaf Mind within.

The Deaf Mind reveals of what, who, what, and why we believe also why we are that way. A lot of people do not really understand what is Deaf identity truly is about.

I want to offer a different but related perspective of the Deaf Mind (Deaf-conscious). The Mind is what controls our thoughts, personality, ego, decisions, observations, perceptions, reasoning, and actions and how do we obtain this? Through experience and I wanted to bring some examples to this topic and help people understand what it really means.

Deaf culture is a learned behavior that became assimilated to our Deaf identity within. It does not happen overnight by declaring itself “I am that” but the process of becoming is what makes it happen. It is more like a search of self and once you know who you are or your true nature, and then, you begin to awaken as a “Deaf person.”

It is down to the core of being, the seat of the soul, where you identify yourself as a human being. Deaf consciousness is what makes a person who they are. What are the traits of that being? (1) Your love for Deaf people regardless of who they are, (2) your love for the language (American Sign Language) which connects you to Deaf people, (3) and realization as a Deaf person.

It becomes spiritual in nature as you felt the belonging that you never experienced while you are in the hearing world. Deaf people connect unconditionally when they need to fight for their language survival such as American Sign Language. Deaf people send inner energy signals to warn other Deaf beings and many people have called this an ESP. Deaf people swore that their minds were connected one time or more. Our energy are connected as one, the Deaf Mind is always at work protecting our identity from outsiders.

If one does not understand this clearly it is because you are not awakened yet. It does take time and after serious self introspection and self analysis, you start to grow as a process of becoming connected to the Deaf Mind. Once you have invoked the Deaf Mind and there is nothing you need to do, and, do not need to tell anyone that you have that experience, why? The Deaf Mind knows the energy and connects with others who are already invoked.




Unknown said...

Please could you translate this article in ASL or International because many deaf people need to know this deaf identity and deaf mind in their language, to understand what you want to say.

I think this is a very good article but need for me to understand in sign language please.

could you film yourself and put this article in sign language?

I am deafmute bsl user (UK)